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Clean! Simple Beauty! 

Our Mission 
LOVER® Cosmetic‘s mission is to make makeup simple with our 5-step makeup regime and magnetic palettes.

We also hold a commitment to the environment and your health. Nearly all of our products are now paraben free and EU Registered. This notation is made under each product description. Our new packaging is also eco-friendly. No more waste in throwing out those cosmetic boxes. Our re-usable bags hold your makeup on the shelf..and in your purse or on the go. 

Clean Commitment 
Nearly all of our products are free of parabens (preservatives used to extend the shelf-life of your cosmetics); and most are also EU registered products, following the EU Cosmetics Directive to ban more than 1,100 chemicals.

This means you can look stunning, and know you are treating your largest organ, the skin, with care.  

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